Sunday, May 17, 2009

Happy late (and early) Mother's Day!

Yes, I know Mother's Day was last weekend, but we are waiting to celebrate it with my mom next weekend when we are all back really I am just splitting the difference with this post today. And besides that, I am so excited about her gift that I just cannot wait any longer!

My mom is an avid sewer, creator and maker of all things wonderful. She is currently in the process of making my old bedroom into a new sewing room. What better way to help with that than make her a handmade gift room the newly repurposed room? I guess another good way to help would be to clear out some of the random middle and high school stuff I still have in the room. But for now, I made her these two bulletin boards out of cross-stitching hoops (one of the many crafty things she has taught me over the years), complete with buttons on the push pins. I hope she loves them because I cannot begin to say how much I love and appreciate her!

Don't worry, I am not spoiling the gift by posting this before giving it to her - she doesn't know the blog address (yet) since it is still new. Also, if you look really closely at the To Do List, one of the items is to "make ugly quilt block of the month" - but don't worry about that either. I promise I am not being mean; it's an inside joke! And can I really help that I didn't like a bunch of random batiks in strange patterns? :) But in all seriousness, Mom, I hope you have a wonderful late and early Mother's Day!

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  1. So your mom is going to LOVE that!!!

    Great idea!!

    We look at her wall hanging she made us everyday, I'm still amazed by her talent!

    Great hearing from you!