Monday, May 18, 2009

So happy to see you...

Upon returning to the hotel after work today, I was so happy to see that my luggage had been delivered. I completely forgot to mention yesterday that my missing luggage was actually my beautiful new luggage (another early birthday present). It's so lovely that I never want to let it out my sight again!

Losing my luggage did introduce me to three new makeup products that I now really like. In my attempt to gather the essentials last night I chose the least expensive blush (Love My Face in peach my cheeks), foundation (CoverGirl clean makeup in albino) and eyeliner (black Love My Eyes). These makeup "necessities" totaled less than $8 and all turned out to be a big success. (Lip gloss was also a necessity, but I already had six lip products in my purse so I was good there.)

Oh, and as an update to our traveling adventures: We got lost - very lost - on our way to work this morning. Evidently there is pretty much one road that gets you there, and it just so happened that road was closed. Thank goodness for the Garmin helping us, even though I'm pretty sure we stressed it out.

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