Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Loving labels...

I'm not sure when my obsession started...but I absolutely love labels. If I had my way, I would label everything, so I was very glad to see I am not alone. Check out this post from iDiY for some fun labels and ideas. Actually, check out all four fun posts with free labels - which inspired me to come up with some of my own designs.

  • The ones in the first row would be bright and fun for items in the kitchen.
  • The second row would make perfect mailing labels.
  • I can already imagine the third row on folders.
  • The bottom left is very similar to the labels I made for my plastic tubs.
  • And the thought bubbles would be a great way to label a binder with all the random ideas I tear out of magazines.
I see lots more labeling in my future...like right when I get home from West Virginia!

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