Monday, August 10, 2009

I watch way too much HGTV...

I am kind of ridiculously obsessed with this season of HGTV's Design Star. I like to play along in my head and come up with how I would have decorated the room. Like on the White Wall Challenge, I had all these cool ideas about how the floor would be made out of the lids of canned food and there would be a chandelier made from baby food jars (I know that may sound strange, but one room used dog food. Way weirder.). Seriously though, I get really excited about each episode.

As further evidence of my HGTV obsession, during the whole Garage Transformation Challenge, I was telling my husband all the details from the garage makeover on Color Splash.'s really cool! I especially loved how he covered the cabinet doors in blue plastic. Looks awesome and simple to do.

And speaking of Color Splash - I love David Bromstad too and his video blog after each episode of Design Star.

And at the risk of getting into the whole Tashica debate, there are some fun blog interviews of her after she was eliminated from Washington Spaces and Room Fu. I did find it interesting that the Design Star Blog had been featuring every Washington Spaces post about Tashica until this last one...maybe it's because Tachica referred to Design Star as being "like a prison boot camp or correctional program." Just a guess...

[By the way, I'm pretty sure my rambling reiterates how totally obsessed I am!]

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