Monday, September 14, 2009

24 for Winston...

So, I'm pretty sure only about two people read my blog. But I still had to share this story...

Remember when I got sooo excited because last year's Design Star winner Jennifer Bertrand is from my town? Well, I also just found out that her little baby boy was born with lymphatic and venous malformations requiring around-the-clock medical attention. Click here for more information.

The information that Jen shares is truly touching. And so is the run that their friend is planning for this Friday. Check out 24 for Winston to learn all about the run and what you can do to help this inspiring family.

On a related note...I loved the episodes of Jen's HGTV show Paint-Over! last week. And while you're on the show's site, be sure to check out the video about painting tile. I've been wondering about doing that for a while now.

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