Monday, April 26, 2010

Mood Board Monday - PATCH NYC pillow inspired sunroom...

Pewter + Sage is hosting a special Mood Board Monday today. It's a collaboration with West Elm, so the inspiration items are some amazing PATCH NYC items. Looove them all.
Today, I picked the PATCH NYC pillow covers for my inspiration. So beautiful.

Actually, they were so beautiful and inspiring that I couldn't even fit everything in one "mood board." So, first up is the furniture...

1 - In my imaginary sunroom, the overlapping squares daybed in chocolate would face the large windows. [And, of course, the windows have a view of a luscious green garden.]
2 - On one side of the daybed, this sunflower bird bath would be used as a side table. The top would be fitted with a piece of glass to make it perfect for holding a drink as you lounge in the sun reading a book.
3 - No sunroom is complete without plants, so this topiary tree would be right at home.
4 - Two off white flip-top ottomans would serve as storage and a coffee table in front of the daybed.
5 - The sunroom would be grounded by this hand-tufted olive green wool rug.
6 - The sunroom is mixture of many different textures to help bring the outdoors in. This weathered wood floor lamp is the perfect fit for providing additional light in the evening hours.
7 - The large windows will be flanked on both sides by the Apex tower in chocolate.
8 - The seating area in the room will also include two modern weave armchairs.
9 - To bring a dramatic texture to the area, the coconut strips pendant will be hung above the seating area.
10 - For privacy, the windows will have bamboo blinds and rustic leather-top window panels.
11 - To wrap up the furniture, a side wall in the room will be home to this two-tier plant stand. The stand will also be fitted with glass to become a drink cart.

Next, the accessories...

Daybed - The daybed will be accessorized with three of the PATCH NYC pillows [in pear thistle, ivory rose and flax butterfly] and a bamboo/cotton plum throw. Above the daybed, there will be a collection of stepping stones from Home Depot. The stones will be arranged haphazardly, similar to a plate wall, but with a more rustic outdoorsy feel.

Chairs & Ottomans - The chairs will feature the slate pigeon PATCH NYC pillow, while the ottomans will hold a tray of lattice spheres.

Shelves - The shelves will feature a variety of items, from books to summer glass vases to volcanic ash sculptures.

"Drink Cart" - This beautiful yellow skies canvas will be hung above the newly fashioned drink cart. The cart will hold bottles of wine, water and other beverages to be served in the hammered acrylic drinkware in clover.

Considering the last item is a turtle garden statue, I probably didn't even need to label it as "random." But it would be a cute little accent to the sunroom to really bring home the ideas of nature and varying textures.

Hope you enjoyed the tour of my imaginary sunroom. Don't forget to check out the rest of the rooms at Mood Board Monday. [And if you want to check out my previous mood boards, click here and here.]


  1. Hey, Paige!!! Thanks for joining us today, your sun room is really cool. I'm still cracking up that you were so inspired that you couldn't fit everything into one mood board, that is awesome!!! You've really thought of everything here, right down to all the perfect accessories for the big pieces. Some of my favorite things about the room are that coconut strip pendant (insane!), the use of the stepping stones as wall art, the addition of plum to your palette and all the natural textures. Love this space!

  2. Ok - I love the idea of hanging those stepping stones on the wall! That is wonderful! And one must always consider the necessity of the drink cart and how to stock it beautifully! Well done!

  3. A very creative idea to hang stepping stones in an outdoor room. I love to see people thinking outside the box. Such an appealing outdoor room and the little touch of plum is an unexpected pleasure.

    Terrie @

  4. I really like that Etsy sky canvas, and I agree that the stepping stones are a stroke of genius! Very cool weathered wood lamp, too.

    Susan/Project Balancing Act

  5. Thanks so much for the kind comments! I had a lot of fun putting the room together. I'm already looking forward to the next Mood Board Monday!