Thursday, May 6, 2010


Restor-A-Finish is quite possibly my favorite product ever. Seriously, it is a miracle in a tin. [Or a genie in a bottle for wood.]

I picked up my first can of Restor-A-Finish a few months ago during a trip to Home Depot. [Sorry for the delay, I was being a major blog slacker.] We had some massive scratches on our woodwork that were in desperate need of assistance. I really had no clue what product to use, but this one sounded good from the description and was pretty inexpensive.

Holy moly - the first swipe of this stuff and I was completely hooked. It was crazy easy to use...
  1. Dab on rag.
  2. Rub on wood.
  3. Wipe off wood.
See, it was so easy to use that it only took nine words to tell you how to do it yourself! And the results....A-Mazing!

This is seriously embarrassing to show, but check out these nasty scratches...

This is the door leading from our family room to the garage. Sick!

But, check it out after some Restor-A-Finish...

It's like a whole new door! I couldn't believe the results. I didn't stop until I had restored all of the wood in our family room, laundry room, first floor bath and all our stairways. If you've seen our house, you know that is a lotttt of wood.

Now I just need a little free time so I can do the kitchen and rest of the house. I honestly cannot wait.

[I was not compensated for this post in any way by Restor-A-Finish; I just love it. But...if Restor-A-Finish would like to compensate me, I'll take a whole bunch of golden oak and a few cans of mahogany finish. :)]

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  1. I can so relate! I found a similar product not long ago and I literally ran from room to room restoring the wood furniture. It felt like I was a fairy and had a magic wand in my hand!