Thursday, January 6, 2011

2011 | Home goals...

I make lists of everything [seriously, multiple lists a day], so I obviously enjoy making lists of my goals as well. I am really excited about the Nester's home goals link party and thinking specifically about goals for our home.

My first few goals would probably make my mom and grandma cringe that I have to actually list them as goals. They are the type of thing that moms and grandmas make look so easy, but once you have a house of your own, you find out that it is more work than you thought [or at least I did]. I apologize in advance to my mom, but at least she now knows that I'm trying to work on these things. :)
  1. Improve the turnaround time on our dishes. [I tried to use some fancy business lingo to make myself sound less lame, but really I just want to work on always loading and unloading the dishwasher right away and not having dirty dishes sit in the sink...yuck.]
  2. Do laundry before the hamper is overflowing and fold/hang the laundry right away. I always want to work on keeping my closet picked up. [My closet reminds me of "if you give a mouse a cookie." Except that it is "if you put one dirty shirt on the floor."]
  3. Make [and stick to] a schedule of regular cleaning and maintenance that needs done.
  4. Keep our house tidy enough that I would never be embarrassed if someone randomly stopped by.
The rest of the goals are more for fun:
  1. Hang more pictures, art, etc. on the walls. Right now, I can honestly only think of six things that are hanging on the walls in our house - one TV, two frames and three clocks. We tend to overthink what and wear to hang things, which makes us wait forever before hanging anything. 
  2. Finish our rec room, a.k.a. the baseball room. When I asked Mr. W what is home goals were, this was the only thing he mentioned. This is the only room in our house that is not really even usable at the moment. We still have furniture and workout equipment to put together, a TV to setup, things to hang, and about everything else in the world today.
  3. Continue to define our personal style and have it reflected in our home.
  4. Use some cool tools.
  5. Prioritize and work towards finishing projects throughout the house. This goal is really broad, but basically I have ideas of things to do all over our home. Some are needs; some are wants. Some are started; some will probably never be started. Having some priorities on these would definitely be helpful. :)
  6. Host more people in our home. We absolutely love our home and love to share it with friends and family. Whether it be overnight visitors, dinner guests, a party, or just a neighbor stopping by to say hi; we want to enjoy our home with those we care about.


  1. You are absolutely correct - we are alike! Agh! The burdens of housework! I identify with your lament that our mothers/grandmothers seemed to keep up with everything so effortlessly! I struggle so much, and yes if people drop in, I normally have to apologize for the toys strewn everywhere and the general state of disarray!

    Loved the doily link! Thank you! I instantly fell in love with the framed doilies! I'll bookmark that page and see what happens!

  2. Caitlin - I'm glad you liked the doily link! And that we are not alone with our housework struggles. :)