Sunday, January 22, 2012


Recently I have been reading the book Transform Your Life by Penny Ferguson and one section in particular has really stuck in my mind...
The book goes on to say that "your attitude towards the things you have to do makes the difference between getting the most out of them and seeing them as chores that are impossible to enjoy." So true.

This year I want to look at every situation and every day as an opportunity to fill my glass and make the most of it...
  • When I am extra busy at work, I want to see it as an opportunity to learn and develop.
  • When I have to clean the house, I want to see it as an opportunity to show my gratitude for beautiful home and help my husband.
  • When I am feeling down about living so far from our families, I want to see it as an opportunity to build my marriage even stronger and enjoy all the wonderful things our new city has to offer.
  • When I am stuck in traffic, I want to see it as an opportunity for a few extra minutes to enjoy the music on the radio.

Every day is an learn something new, to show kindness to others, to give God the glory, and to love my family fully.
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