Monday, June 29, 2009

Did Martha read the same origami book as me?

I just saw a post on iDIY about Martha's Cheery Paper Fruit Pouches and got so ridiculously excited because I have honestly been making these for years and years! When I was little, my sister had an origami book and I tried to learn things out of it too. This was the only thing I could make really well and I randomly make them all the time. Like when I was nine and made all of my friends try to drink Kool-Aid out of them - which you can totally do! (But if you don't drink it fast enough, it gets really soggy and your hands turn red, so I would advise trying this with water instead if you're curious.) Or when I made them out of the cloth napkins at my cousin's rehearsal dinner because my grandma wanted to see my origami skills. Oh, and I always make teeny tiny ones out of the paper napkin rings at Applebee's while I wait for my food. So obviously, I have never thought about doing anything remotely useful with them - but I am definitely going to now!

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