Friday, June 26, 2009

Party wrap-up...

So, I'm a little slow at getting this posted, but considering all that has happened in the past two weeks, I'm doing pretty good. Anyways, here's a recap of the Girls' Night Party, which went GREAT!

I made these cute plates and mugs for the food table. The idea came from Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Crafts (which is totally amazing, just in case you're wondering). Martha said to use china and this fancy paint in these cool little bottles that bakes onto the plates. But I couldn't afford china and couldn't find the fancy I used dishes from the dollar store and the only paint that I could find with a pointed tip. Needless to say, the paint is already starting to peel off, but that's okay because I have fun plans for reusing the plates (watch for more on that sometime in the future). And even though they might not have been Martha quality, the dishes looked cute and fit with the party's theme of painting pottery.This is the food table (obviously). If you ignore all the stuff I had stashed under the table when I took the picture, the "bride-to-be" sign is really cute! I forgot to take a picture of the sign on the door, so you'll have to take my word for it that it was cute too.
And here is the bride-to-be working on the cups she painted. :)
And here are a few of the other finished products (well before they are put in the kiln or whatever happens next) - mine is the baseball one, of course.


  1. how cute paige! you did an awesome job! i'm sad we won't get to spend the 4th with you guys but i am sure you'll have a blast at the wedding! :) see you next week for a movie! :)

  2. Thanks, Ashley! :) Hope you had a fun 4th! See you soon!