Monday, June 15, 2009

My first stamp...

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As of last night, I have my first stamp in my passport. Yay! I got so excited when the customs agent in Toronto stamped my passport that he offered to do it again. I told him I could hold off on the extra stamp...but only because I'm coming back again in just a month. :)

Since I'm here for work, I honestly haven't done anything overly exciting yet, but we did have a delicious meal from Boston Pizza tonight. My Cajun shrimp pizza was incredible and I am totally in love with their brand imaging. I love when companies have interesting (and effective) design elements in their logos, packaging, etc. (I guess this is where my business degree and creativity meet up.) The Boston Pizza logo is great and even better was my pizza box that said, "Hi, I'm an individual-sized pizza. I think sharing is highly overrated..." - love it!

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