Monday, July 6, 2009

Bridal shower advice cards...

Everyone has heard of or been to a bridal shower with cards that say "advice for the bride". So, I thought I would expand on that idea and make cards with a variety of different questions. I made stacks of the cards and bundles of pens and tied them together with ribbons. We then put them on each table and had each guest fill out as many as they'd like. The bride read them aloud at the end of the shower. Here are the various questions and my favorite answers:
  • The best marriage advice is...hire a housekeeper & eat out.
  • The best description of love is...finding the person who makes you want to be an even better person, but they love, accept and support you as you are!
  • The best tradition to start is...picking a day & alternating houses & family members and cook (anything) to keep the family connected. Get out the good dishes - it makes for magical memories!
  • My best date night idea is...remember to have one, even after 25 years. Everyone needs romance!
  • The best part of a wedding is...seeing love in each others' eyes and feeling love in each others' hearts as you say "I do."
  • The best part of marriage is...looking forward to coming home to someone who will stop the earth from spinning for you!
  • My best memory of Nicole and/or Drew is...There was a comment from the bride's brother's girlfriend that she didn't let us read out loud, so I'll be nice and keep it to myself. :)

I am going to put all of the cards and pictures of the shower in a scrapbook for the bride. I guess I should be working on that now instead of writing 42 blog posts, but it's my day off so I'll do whatever I want. :)

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  1. Hire a housekeeper and eat out!!! Words to live by, I tell ya! :)