Monday, July 6, 2009

Bridal shower...

Here are a few pictures and fun details from the bridal shower the day before the wedding:

This is one of the two food tables. I wrapped boxes in red paper and decorated them with ribbons and flowers so the food could be at different levels on the tables. To keep the cleanup simple, we displayed most of the food on the red and black paper plates. You can't see them very well in the pictures, but there were little signs for each food that matched the invitations.

This is the second food table with a "Congratulations!" banner. We mostly used the wedding colors (red and black) but added in some yellow to match the flower arrangements another bridesmaid put together and add a little fun.

A close-up of the "mint for each other" favors.

The bride and her new sister-in-law at the front table. The banner says "Nicole & Drew."

This is the bride telling funny stories while reading the advice cards (I'll talk more about them in the next post.) Also, if you look closely you can see a couple pieces of evidence that I am totally OCD - the advice cards were tied together in coordinating ribbons, the pens were all red and black and I even made a matching cover for the notebook where I wrote down the gifts.
The whole shower (except a few stories I wasn't able to filter the bride from sharing) was great! We all had a very fun and relaxing time and...multiple people called me "the next Martha Stewart" - officially the best day ever! :)

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