Monday, July 13, 2009

A new form of torture...

I am back in Canada for work this, that is not the torturous part, but I am praying the trip goes much, much, much better than last time. The torture is that we drive past IKEA to go to work, to go eat and to go back to our hotel. Oh, and once I get to my room I see it from the window.

And we don't get to go.

Turns out since we are here for work, we are supposed to work all day and not shop at IKEA. This is true torture - especially since there are about five million things I would love to buy there right now. Such as these:

My new goal for the week is to make it to IKEA...but I will definitely have to revise my "want list" so my purchases will fit on the plane back to the IKEA-less Midwest with me. :)

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