Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A bad habit...

I am developing a very bad habit of referring to projects I’m doing in posts and then forgetting to come back and actually post about them. [I’m also getting into a bad habit of starting projects and forgetting to actually finish them for a long time…but that’s a whole other story.] Anyways, remember about seven years ago when I posted these plates I made for my friend’s Girls’ Night Party?

I mentioned in the post that I had plans for reusing the plates since I didn’t use the right paint and it was peeling off. Don’t worry though - I only served cupcakes [in wrappers] on the plates, so there was no peeling paint poisoning at the party! I may not be Martha, but I’m not a total dummy either.

Okay, back to the point. I did reuse them – I picked off the old paint, spray painted them black, added wood decals and added accent paint to match the furniture in our living room. You can't really see the details in this photo, but like I've mentioned I'm the world's worst photographer, so it will have to do...

Not bad for reused dollar store plates. :)

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