Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Oh, the possibilities...

While getting a suitcase from our storage room for my current work trip, I realized that our storage room is in major need of some organization. So, of course, a project came to mind. Nope, not to clean out the storage room - to decorate vases. Logical, huh?

But really, it makes a little bit of sense. Right inside the storage room, we have boxes and more boxes full of vases and votive candle holders from our wedding. So the plan is to do something cool (or a lot of something cools) with the vases instead of them just taking up space in the storage room. I will just call it the first step in cleaning out the storage room. :)

Here are some of the possibilities...

Wrapping paper vases

Fabric-wrapped vases

Frosted glass (Sooo many fun ideas here.)

Twine-covered vase

Spiderwebs from Martha found here

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