Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Peg board organizing...

I like the idea of using peg boards for organization. Here are some ideas...

These hanging baskets aren't quite my style, but with the right baskets for me, I would love this.

I know peg board is not generally considered pretty, but adding trim and color like they did with this Pottery Barn knockoff really dresses it up.
Whoa, organization heaven! How cute are these
painted silhouettes? And, even better, nothing would ever be put in the wrong place and you would know right away when something was missing.

There were two big peg boards already hanging in our garage when we bought our house. One of them just might be a recycling station in its next life.

Yes, this is a kid's closet. But the same idea applies to other closets or little spaces as well. A little extra peg board could add up to a lot of extra storage.
And another way to sneak in some extra storage - put it right on the cabinet doors.

Or just cover the walls with peg board. I really like this idea and the others that could be used in our laundry room. Now, if I can just figure out how to incorporate this drying rack idea into my new peg board obsession, I would be set. :)

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