Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Redecorating the guest bath...

About 37 years ago, I was talking about all the projects we were going to tackle over Labor Day. Well, now I am finally back with a few pictures...

We had some amazing matching going on in the guest bathroom before, huh? Just kidding. It actually didn't look this bad most of the time, but it was still in need of some desperate help. The shower curtain was left behind by the previous homeowners and although lovely, it wasn't really the color scheme we had in mind and we obviously did not have any matching towels.
We gave the room a few coats of Glidden's Icy Waterfall, hung a picture and put up the shower curtain we used in the master bath at our old place. I love this shower curtain - it is so much more "us" and it matches the towels much better. Eventually, I would like to get some new towels and hang more pictures, but this is already about eight million times better than before. But so far we didn't have to buy anything for this little bathroom makeover [well, except the paint if you want to get technical].

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