Thursday, December 17, 2009

Eddie Ross is my hero...

It's true - I am more than a little obsessed with Eddie Ross and pretty much everything he does. He is incredible.

Case in point, the "Eddie Ross ornament wreath." Seriously, 99.99% of all humans have made one of these now. [I, unfortunately am in the 0.01% who have not yet made one. But don't you worry, I will most certainly be buying clearance ornaments after Christmas to make one for next year. :)]

Now, I just saw his beautiful spray-painted lace wrapping paper. While totally amazing, this will not be happening in our house this year. We will be doing good to even have all our presents bought and wrapped by Christmas. [I just put our Christmas tree up last night, if that tells you how behind we are. But don't judge me - I have full intentions of making up for this Scroogeness next year.]

Back to the point - The spray-painted lace wrapping paper is gorgeous; however, until an extra four hours or so is added to the day, I will stick to using Eddie's suggestion regarding the wrapping paper scraps - to use them to cover vases and candles. Why haven't I ever thought of that!? Oh yeah, because I am nowhere near as amazing as Eddie Ross. But from now on, I will be decking out all sorts of vases and candles Eddie style.

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  1. You are so sweet for this post! Have a happy holiday and a fantastic new year!!!