Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cheerleading cookies...

For the past few months, I have been coaching an Upward cheerleading squad of kindergarteners and first graders. They are absolutely adorable and I have loved every minute of it. Yep, even the minutes when they splashing each other with the water from the water fountains, hiding behind furniture, running through the halls or doing silly dances [and trying to convince me that I had taught them the silly dances].

Actually, looking back, those might have been some of my favorite moments.

Or maybe my favorite moments were when they told me that they couldn't cheer for boys basketball "because the boys wear tank tops and that's GROSS!" Or when they said "Miss Paige, you're the best teacher ever." [They really said that, I swear I didn't make it up!] Or last weekend when they completely rocked out their pom routine at halftime.*

Or maybe my favorite moments were during the devotion times when they told me that "reading the Bible is fun" and "they love talking to Jesus." Or when they all told me they really wanted the white star for showing Christ-like behavior.

Basically, everything about the experience has been really great. So, I want to do something special for these special little girls this weekend at our last game...and I want that to be cookies. I can't decide exactly what I want them to look like, but here are my ideas...

Basketball cookies, since that's what we cheer for...

Megaphone cookies in the team colors...

Or letter cookies with a "G" and "O".
[This is the idea I'm leaning towards...I would put both letters in a bag and tie on a note with words to one of our cheers. Oh yeah, I would also have little green and white pom poms tied on. Wow, I should really get to work instead of jabbering!]

I will try to actually remember to take photos and let you know what I end up doing. Go cookie-making, go! :)

*[Side story, but I was seriously beyond proud of them...Every time we did the routine in practice last Friday I let them count the beats out loud. And they counted really, really loud. Not sure why, but they did. I was incredibly impressed by how well they were doing though because we had just finished learning the routine and they had to perform the next day, so I decided not to worry about it. Well, Saturday I changed my mind and decided to tell them to try to at least count quietly...but then I forgot and said nothing. When halftime came around, the music came on and they all start doing the pom routine...and not a single one of them was counting out loud. And not a single one of them missed a motion. I seriously sat watching them in complete awe with a giant goofy grin from being so proud of them all. And I'm pretty sure I had the goofy grin of excitement the entire weekend. :)]

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