Thursday, February 25, 2010

A missed opportunity and some randomness...

A few days ago the Office Stylist mentioned big sale at Chiasso. "Sale" is one of my favorite words so, of course, I checked it out. I fell head over heels in love with this beautiful silver wreath.

Gorgeous, huh? And the best part - it was 71% off. Wowza! I couldn't believe it, so I set off to count how many windows I could hang them in next winter.

Well, I guess my counting took a really long time, because I when I went back to place an order I saw the worst words ever - "This item is discontinued and no longer available." Ahh! I could have screamed or cried, but all that would have been a little dramatic, so I just pouted a little and moved on to searching the internet to find something similar. No such luck. But don't worry, I will definitely keep looking [or come up with a DIY version...I do have almost a year].

Fast forward a few days to last night...I'm in bed about to fall asleep when it hits me - I had seen an e-mail this morning for "ONE DAY ONLY: Free Shipping on Decorator Super Sale" at Home Decorators. Without thinking twice, I jumped out of bed to go look if there was anything we "needed." After all, I didn't want to miss out on gorgeousness twice in one week! Seriously, I have problems. But there were some beautiful items on sale, such as...

and this area rug.

Lovely, huh? But...I didn't end up buying anything. I realized that when you are buying things online, late at night, while your husband is probably should have a pretty darn good justification for needing them. This realization didn't keep me from looking more though, because on the homepage there was also a link for free shipping on select lighting.

How can you not check that out? There are probably about 57 lamps that I would love to have, so I can't even begin to show you all of my favorites. But I did have to show you this...

It looks a lot like this next one, doesn't it?
The Art Deco Table Lamp from Target.

It makes you do a double-take. I noticed it right away, because I had used the Target lamp in this mood board.

You wanna know something interesting? The Target lamp is $59.99...and the Home Decorators lamp is $44.00 and has free shipping. Not what I would have expected. Interesting, very interesting. [Unlike this post, which is just getting long, very long.]

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  1. Hi Paige! I wanted to send you a private email but I can't find your address on your blog so I'll have to write it here.
    Just wanted you to check out this site where you are named for leaving a comment on my blog.

    The entry is the one for yesterday, March 2nd.

    How cool is that!


    PS: love the damask napkins! So brave of you to resist!