Tuesday, February 9, 2010

One last post about gifts...

Okay, this is the last belated post about Christmas gifts and it is all about my brand new...Cricut machine! Yippy! Seriously, I love just saying that I have a "Personal Electronic Cutter Machine."

My mom and I found a great deal on it at Joanns on Black Friday. And by "great deal," I mean pretty much the best deal ever. The machine is regularly priced at $199 but with the combination of door buster deals, coupons and even a teacher discount...we got it for $60.

So, ever since Thanksgiving I have been dreaming about all the fabulous electronic cutting I can do. You see, this machine is the perfect thing for me, because well, I'm just not so good at manual cutting. I honestly think that maybe I missed the day of kindergarten where you learn about scissors and how to cut. I'm not totally unable to cut...but I am completely incapable of cutting at all quickly. And the thought of cutting out the insides of shapes or letters completely intimidates me. Seriously, in my middle school science class, my teacher would cut projects out for me because I was so slow at it. But now, my Cricut has saved the day and I can cut again. :)

Except that I am so excited that I can't even decide what to use it for first. I feel like the first project should be something memorable. Yes, I know I'm a dork, but this is big for me. Here are some ideas I love...
Basically, I am sure you will be seeing a whole bunch of Cricut projects from me in the future. :)


  1. Hi Paige! I didn't even know a domestic cutter machine existed! I went to the Crafty blog and the tutorial for tote bags is great! Good way to recycle plastic grocery bags and use your cutter machine. Hope to see your finished projects!

    Have a great day!