Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I read it in a magazine...

The show Cougar Town absolutely cracks me up. I literally laugh out loud during pretty much the whole episode.

Tonight I was catching up on a few episodes on Hulu and heard the funniest thing yet...

"Let's play the admission game. That's when friends admit stuff and it brings everyone much closer...I read it in a magazine." - Laurie

"What magazine?" - Ellie

"Fine! It's just I feel like people respect my ideas more when they think that they came out of magazines." - Laurie

Um...I totally do that! Not very often, but I have been known to blurt out "I read it in a magazine" when I am trying to convince Mr. W that one of my ideas is cool. This usually happens with home decor items, like the "magazine holder" in our office. Yep, Mr. W still thinks I read the idea somewhere, but really it was just from my head! [Note to self: Take a picture of said "magazine holder" this weekend when I'm back at home.]

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