Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Why I sleep on airplanes...

So, I travel a lot for work. And when I do, I always sleep on the airplane. Professional, huh?

Last week I was actually traveling with coworkers though, so I decided to be social and stay awake on the plane. All week long, I had been reading an issue of Better Homes & Gardens and had flagged tons of great ideas. Since I was awake, I thought it seemed like a great time to finish reading the magazine. Awwww, more great ideas and amazingness...

And then I got off the plane and left the magazine in the seat pocket!!! I stopped dead in my tracks when I realized it. And, honestly, if I had been traveling alone, I might have tried to push backwards and wait to go back on the plane to retrieve it. But I didn't want to look like a total magazine-crazed maniac to my coworkers. So, now all of the great ideas and amazingness are living with some very lucky passenger who sat in my seat next. And as much as I love sharing great ideas, this is why I sleep on airplanes.

The worst part? I actually had grand plans of sharing the ideas with all of you...Since I am in fact a total magazine-crazed maniac, I subscribe to a somewhat abnormal amount of magazines. And I am planning to start posting some of the great ideas here to prove that sometimes I actually did "read it in a magazine." :)

I tried to look online to find the BHG ideas I had flagged, but had no such luck. In the meantime, please enjoy some of my favorite Elle Decor highlight posts here. Including my favorite...

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  1. you're not the only maniac! i hate it when that happens!! :)