Monday, June 21, 2010

Design Star play along | episode 2...

The world officially does not want me to watch Design Star this season. I missed the first episode because I was out of town, so I had to watch it on my ridiculously slow hotel Internet connection. And yesterday, I was planning to get home in time to watch the second episode and then go to bed. But no. Instead, the cable didn't work. Ugh. Good thing our Internet connection at home was much faster than the hotel's or I might have gone nuts.

Anyways, now that I've finished watching it, I'm ready for my second installment of pretending to be on Design Star. By the way, in no way do I think I have even a smidgen of the design talent the actual contestants have, I just think it's fun to play along. :)

Sticking with my plan of seeing if I could keep myself from being eliminated, this week I'll be pretending I had chosen the casual wear by Fubu (on right below)...

I really liked Tera and was sad to see her go; her room was actually my favorite the first week. But looking back on the show [and after reading all of the judges' comments], here are the changes I would make to the room...

1) I would include this Edison Chandelier [seen here].

2) I would paint the alcove area black and paint the rest of the room a lighter shade of gray. The black would tie into the black mural wall in the living area.

3) I would make a corrugated metal headboard for the bed similar to the one found hereHaha, because I totally know how to do this...not! But if I did, the metals would tie into the various metallics used in the living area. And both the headboard and light fixture would work well with both of the outfits in the room.

4) I would switch out the big blue curtains for white ones [in both rooms]. This doesn't really have much to do with the outfits...more that I just like light-colored curtains.

5) I would switch up the pillows on the bed to add a little color. I really like these pillows from Gracious Home.


  1. I definitely need to check out this show. Love the idea and your choices!!!

  2. I too love Design Star and I love your changes. The chandelier is fabulous. Did you see David Bromstad's Color Splash loft redo? He used these amazing handblown glass fixtures that I think you would love. Oh and your choice for the corrugated headboard...Genius! I'd vote for you. :)

  3. Never heard of this show, thanks for telling us about it. That Edison chandelier is great! And a suitable name for it too.

    A beautiful day to you Paige!

  4. Thanks for the sweet comments! :)

    David Bromstad is my favorite! Love him! I haven't seen his loft redo - I'm going to try to find it online though!

    And those of you who haven't watched Design Star yet, you will love it! You can watch online at :)