Thursday, June 24, 2010

Oh, Dollar Tree...

This "oh" has two meanings today...

1) Oh, how I love Dollar Tree. And...
2) Oh my, Dollar Tree, what are you thinking!?

I made a stop by Dollar Tree to look for some vases for an upcoming project (more on that soon). I didn't find any vases that I liked, but I did find more of this wrapping paper that I loooooove. So, of course, I bought a roll. :)

[I now have four of the designs. I haven't seen the dots or paw prints yet, but I will keep looking. :) You really need some of this wrapping paper, it is great!]

Anyways, as I'm standing in line to check out, I'm just thinking about how excited I am about the wrapping paper...but then I notice the pregnancy tests on sale. Yes, pregnancy tests being sold for ONE DOLLAR. My thoughts immediately switch to "Who in the world buys a pregnancy test at Dollar Tree!?!".

But my thoughts were quickly interrupted by the man in front of me whispering to the cashier, "I'm gonna need one of those pregnancy tests." I was in complete shock by the situation. And then the cashier responds [loudly] with "Geesh, can't you learn to keep it in your pants!".

There are very few things that make me say this, but...OMG!!

[P.S. I'm very sorry if I offend anyone who has ever or might someday buy a pregnancy test at Dollar Tree. It was just a very awkward situation, so I had to share.]


  1. That really is cute wrapping paper ... good score! And, you're right, OMG, how awkward. I suppose the Dollar Tree tests are as accurate as any other?!?!

  2. that is hilarious paige! and i am now googling dollar tree's in nola. i need that paw print paper for rosa's birthday next week! :)

  3. Ashley, they have the same wrapping paper at Deals and other dollar stores too. Good luck with your search! :)