Saturday, July 10, 2010

One week...

My beautiful, smart, incredible, all-around wonderful sister is due in just one week. I could not be more excited for my sister and brother-in-law. And, of course, to meet my new little nephew!

In honor of the occasion, here is a random sister story for you...

When I was in fourth grade, we had an assignment to write about the top ten biggest and most exciting moments of our lives. Well, I don't know about the rest of you, but when I was that age [9 or 10 years old], I really hadn't had that many overly exciting moments. I mean, my life was great, but other than some big family vacations, I didn't have too many thrilling things to write about.

So, my list of ten exciting moments included at least at few that were primarily about my sister. For example, when she got her first driver's license. It made the list because it meant she could drive me places, but mostly because when things are really exciting for her, they are really exciting for me.

However, my teacher disagreed and said that I hadn't done the assignment correctly. To this day, I stand by my list. And in fact, even though the top ten moments of my life have gotten a lot more exciting over the years...I would have to say, my sister having her baby will certainly make the updated list.


  1. What a sweet post!!! I don't have a sister, so I can't completely relate, but I have to say I feel the same way about my brother and my closest friends. Sometimes I am much more excited for them than I ever am for myself!