Thursday, September 30, 2010

The house...

I have officially become one of those women who listens to books on CD while I drive. Yes, I am cool.

I have always laughed at my mom when she had books on CD, but now I am completely hooked. Maybe it makes the drive go faster or maybe the first book I listened to (The House by Danielle Steel) was just really good.

In the book, Sarah (a successful lawyer) discovers her family history, love and a new passion - all while restoring a magnificent old home. It was one of those books where I could truly read listen to the story of her life forever. [Is it just me or do you ever completely dread when a book ends because you are enjoying it so much?] The book made me want to hug my mom, kiss my husband and remodel a home. :)

[Random note - I also loved that the book was read by someone with the same name as my best friend's husband.]

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