Saturday, September 25, 2010

Color personality...

Quizzes are my favorite part of magazines, so of course I love the "What's Your Color Personality" quiz from Real Simple. According to the quiz, I am an Earth personality...

The quiz results seem pretty accurate for me, because I do really love blues, black, grays and brown. But I was not overly fond of the comment that I can "seem reserved, even standoffish." If I have ever seemed standoffish, I am very sorry! And to make it up to you, here are two more fun color quizzes to check out...the Color Quiz from True Value Paint and the Color Career Counselor from :)

[I just tried the Color Quiz link and it doesn't seem to be working anymore...bummer!]


  1. You're in good company...I was an Earth too! I'm bookmarking the other quizzes to try soon! Many thanks!! :)

  2. That certainly is good company! :)