Monday, December 6, 2010

200 posts and 200 dollars...

After a bit of a blogging hiatus, I'm back to celebrate my 200th post. :) And to stick with my tradition of celebrating blog milestones with pretend money, we're going to play the game...

I've changed up the rules just a bit this time around:
1) Pick a store.
2) Pick a room in your house.
3) Pick at least ten items (they can be multiples of the same item) to redecorate the room.
4) Be in awe of how cool your room could be with $200. :)

I picked Pier 1 to makeover our guest bedroom and here is what I came up with using my pretend money...

The new "purchases" for the room are:
The current bedding in the room is navy with light blue sheets and a sage green throw, so the pillows would fit in well and help brighten it up. The modular storage baskets would be stacked and used as side tables on each side of the bed. I would say adios to the old black nightstand and paint the current headboard and bookcase white.

The vase and scroll wall decor would help fancy the room up a little. I don't know about you, but our guest bedroom tends to get the hand-me-downs from other rooms, so it would be fun to have some pretty new things that are just for it. :)

So, is anyone confused about the placemats yet? ;) I wanted matching art for above both nightstands and had to get a little creative. I have six small canvases at home just waiting for the perfect project. I could cover them with these pretty blue placemats and do some freezer paper painting on them. Maybe a simple paisley or scroll design to match the other new pieces?

I would also hang a pair of white curtains we have on hand to finish out the wall the bed is against. [It is in front of the window.] And my remaining pretend money would be spent on candles.

Yep, I am in awe of the difference $200 could make in the if only I had $200 real dollars. :)


  1. You made some fun choices, and I like the creativity of using placemats in some way for the artwork! Hope you're having a great day...