Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Random table photos...

I seriously have random "to-go-on-the-blog-someday" pictures coming out of my ears. Okay, that's just strange, but I really do have random photos all over my computer. So, since I was just talking about my table, here are a few other ways it has been set in the past...

This first photo is from last spring and includes dollar store placemats, Goodwill tealights, and a grocery store bouquet in a glass pitcher. I really like mixing inexpensive items together to make a fun table.

This wine cork centerpiece was originally inspired by Young House Love and now I use variations of it all the time. I think this might be the first time we ever did it, because now we have a much bigger glass container so that many more corks can fit. We have also started writing the date and occasion on each cork. It is fun to look through and see everything from the typical day bottle of wine ["just a Tuesday together"] to the big occasions we have celebrated ["first night in new house"]. Mr. W referred to this particular tablesetting as "granny-ish" based on the dollar store lace table runner, but I don't know too many grannies that shop for candles at IKEA. :)

The last tablesetting [for today] is how our table was set while our housed was staged for sale. The stager was very excited when she came and it already looked just like this. :)


  1. I can identify absoutely about random pictures being taken for blogs. For instance, I took a picture of roll on deodorant which I blogged about today! But if you hadn't read the blog, you'd be scratching your head if you looked through that folder on my computer!

    Love your table setting. And I love the doily! I know they aren't in vogue now, which is a shame, because I've always had a soft spot for them! One day I'm going to find a doily DIV project!

  2. Caitlin, I'm glad I'm not alone with the random pictures! :)

    Now I'm off to find out why there is a picture of roll on deodorant...:)