Thursday, January 12, 2012

A little sparkle...

I love a little sparkle. Seriously, how can you not smile when you are wearing something sparkly? I've been wanting to participate in Bloggers Do it Better for a long time but never have. But say "sequins" and I'm there! :)
Bloggers Do It Better
My sequins outfit is super simple...a cute little comfy top from Kohls. And my photo is super awkward...I'm terrible at being the only person in a photo. And it definitely didn't help that we took these photos at night. My husband is going to looove that I made him lay on the floor to take a photo of my whole outfit and then I got picky about the lighting and how I looked and didn't even include those photos. Sorry! 
Since you can't see it all, I was wearing the sequin top with cuffed jeans and a cute pair of suede heels. And to help make up for my bad photo / modeling skills, here is my new Pinterest Sparkle! board. It's full of all sorts of sparkly fashion, DIY, and decor ideas. 


  1. Lovely outfit :) I also had mine on Bloggers do it better, so much fun !

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    Fashion and Cookies

  2. Thanks for stopping by and the nice comment! Off to check out your outfit now. :)