Wednesday, September 2, 2009

OTC [Christmas] ideas...

Yep - I really am posting about Christmas decorations already...

And yep - I really am coming up with ways to make knock-offs of items from Oriental Trading...

But I promise I'm not just being ridiculously cheap - it's just more fun to make things yourself. :)

Clothespin card chain - I love, love, love displaying cards we get and this is a perfect way. And, I'll use this idea for decorating the clothespins [found here].

Christmas wreath - Everybody needs at least one wreath at Christmas time, right?

Joy to the World garland - The website doesn't have a cute picture of the finished product like the print catalog, but you still get the idea. And I love making banners like the ones here and here.

Check back in a few months [you know, when it's actually a normal time to talk about Christmas] to see how my OTC knock-offs turn out. :)

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