Wednesday, December 30, 2009

[Very belated] birthday gift...

My brother-in-law turned the big October.

For his birthday, I made him frosted beer glasses with Longhorns on them. [He is a huge Texas Longhorns fan.] Anyways, I am just posting this now, because I am huge slacker and just gave them to him at Christmas...I obviously was nowhere near meeting my October goal of getting his gift to him by his birthday. Oops. But in my defense, I completely forgot that I would need to mail his gift...and then got scared that the glasses would break in the mail. So, I decided to take them when we went to Dallas for Thanksgiving...but I forgot that too. 
Okay, back to the very late gift. I came up with the idea when I was looking for ideas for reusing vases from our wedding and came across the incredible frosted glass ideas from Centsational Girl. The glasses were really easy and fun to make. I have plans to frost about eight million items around our house, so watch for that. And when I do, I will try really hard to take a better picture. I am notorious for my awful pictures, but this one was a new low. I tried to edit it at a little so you could tell there was a Longhorn, but it didn't really work out too well for me. So, I figured I'd just slap the 1960s effect on there and call it good. :)

While I'm sharing brother-in-law birthday presents, here was the gift I made him last year...
I forgot to take pictures of the ribbons to hang it - but there is a football, basketball, and orange ribbon, so that it can be switched for the different seasons. They have it hanging in their kitchen and I must say, it looks pretty darn cool. :)

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