Thursday, June 3, 2010

Baby shower games...

One of my sister's only requests for her baby shower was to not have any "embarrassing games." She wanted fun, quick games but none that were at all "embarrassing." I came up with two games for the shower to fit her requests...

The first was a celebrity baby name match-up...
[Click on the image to make it larger.]

Personally, I'd be hard-pressed to even tell you who some of the celebrities I included are, yet alone their baby's name. But not the shower guests. Two [yes, TWO] of the guests got every name correct and I only gave them two minutes to finish it. I was very impressed! In case you aren't as up-to-date on your celebrity babies, click here to download the answers.

The second game was baby shower bingo...
This game was lots of fun. And just because I'm a nice person, I made a non-personalized version that you can download with all 36 unique bingo cards. [The preview looks a little goofy, but it should look normal when it downloads.]

By the way, I didn't change any of the descriptions on the cards, so some cards still include "Longhorns item". If you're in Texas, you're in luck. If not, whoever gets those cards are out of luck. I thought about changing them, but I'm not quite that nice. Sorry. :)


  1. seriously, why are you not in the party planning business?? everything looks amazing! great job!!

  2. You totally made my day with this're too sweet! :)

  3. I love all your ideas and crafting for your sister's baby shower. Can you believe I have 8 children and I've never had a baby shower? It's not a tradition we follow in our country but I would have loved to have one!

    Congrats to your sister and a lovely day to you Paige!

  4. Wow, Kifus - I cannot believe you have eight children and still have time to keep up such a beautiful blog! You certainly deserve to have had a baby shower! :)

  5. That is so funny. I have played that game for the last 2 baby showers I have thrown. Everyone loves the baby celebrity game, and it is so much more dignified than tasting baby food!!!

  6. That is funny! Tasting baby food was actually at the top of my sister's list of "embarrassing games".

  7. Brilliant... thanks so much for these great ideas!