Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wedding memory one - the little ones...

Some of my favorite wedding memories are from our adorable flowergirl and ring bearers...
Our precious flowergirl is my husband's niece. She was so excited about wearing her "flower dress" in the wedding, but then got super nervous when it came time for the rehearsal. She would only go down the aisle if her mom went with her and even then was nearly in tears. After the rehearsal, she had her mom stay to practice with her. When I got to the rehearsal dinner, she was waiting at the door to tell me - "Paige, I practiced and I'm real good now!" And she was! (I don't know if it was the practicing or the toy we have her when she got down the aisle, but she did a great job!)
This little cutie is my cousin and Godson. And yes, I realize he looks totally frightened of being in this picture. He actually wouldn't take any pictures unless my dad was in them too. He wasn't so sure about all this wedding business yet, but I'm pretty sure ours was the first wedding he had ever been to, yet alone in! His oldest brother, however, had been a ring bearer a couple of times already and was a little upset because he "is the ring bearer in the family." I guess now the family has more than one... :)
Our other ring bearer is my husband's little brother. The original plan at the wedding was for the flowergirl and ring bearers to all sit with their parents during the ceremony, but this little guy was having none of that. He nicely explained to us that if their other brother (the best man) got to stand up by Nick during then wedding, then so did he, because "he's a brother too and that's what brothers do." So, of course, here he is... (I'm sure you noticed, but as it turns out these wedding memories are more like (big) groups of memories. What can I say? It's really hard to narrow all of the amazingness done to just twelve things!)
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