Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wedding memory eleven - the honeymoon...

So I was MIA and totally forgot to ever post my last two wedding memories. I have been very busy with celebrating our anniversary and lots of other fun stuff you will hear about soon. :)

Like most couples, the whole honeymoon was full of incredible, can’t-be-beat, beyond wonderful, completely relaxing, fun, romantic, sweet memories. We went to New York City to see both a Yankees and a Mets game since it was the last year for both of the stadiums. (I know most people don’t watch baseball on their honeymoon, but our baseball fanaticism really shouldn't surprise anyone anymore.) And in between the games we went on a beautiful seven-day Caribbean cruise.

The trip was amazing and I’m 100% sure we should repeat it for one of our anniversaries. After all, we do need to see the new Yankees and Mets stadiums. :)
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