Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wedding memory two - my mommy-made dress...

Like lots of girls, I grew up dreaming about my wedding gown. And my mom absolutely made all of my wedding gown dreams come true! With her own two hands, lots of time and even more love, she made me my dream dress. She definitely deserves the Most Amazing Mother Ever Award.

This is what the dress looked like in its very first stages:

And this is what my mom beautifully created:

Together my mom and I got to design every single detail of the gown – from choosing the
fabric to choosing where each piece of lace would go.

Every single sequin, bead and pearl was hand-sewn onto the lace by my mom - and trust me, there were lots! And then each piece of lace was hand-sewn on – again, lots! (Our wedding was just eight months after we got engaged, so my mom had very busy hands!)

One of my very favorite things about the dress was the message my mom embroidered inside the back panel for my “something blue”. My mom also made my sister’s wedding gown and did the same inside hers. (I’ll try to remember to add a picture of my sister’s beautiful dress sometime so that you can all be even further amazed.)

And to secure her Most Amazing Mother Ever Award (as if she didn't already deserve it!), she also made my veil, slip and garters. And the ring bearer pillows. And mints and table runners for the reception. And she made me the luckiest bride in the world!

Seriously, Most Amazing Mother Ever!!!
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