Sunday, October 10, 2010

Think pink | 10 past posts...

Since today is 10.10.10, it seemed fitting to do something pink with the number ten. So, here are ten of my past posts with pink in them. :)

  1. Pink pretzels - After this post, these became one of my must-haves for every party / get-together.
  2. Wedding memories - Our wedding was full of, candy, decor, dresses, etc. My favorite pink memory was when my grandma mailed me the picture of the pink dress she wanted to buy for the wedding. Pink was her favorite color and she was so excited to have a reason to buy a new pink dress.
  3. Colorful peg board
  4. Preteen bedroom mood board
  5. Pink taking over our guest bedroom
  6. Paper chain backdrop
[October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Think Pink!]

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